Saturday, February 05, 2005

Everytime I speak to her now I want to cry tears of joy. But I've forgotten how to cry, I only know how to suppress.

Her redemption may be complete, it may not be. It is impossible to say but wholly irrelevant! The fear that a state, in this case mental illness, may be transitory is a nonsensical approach. Every state is transitory, every human life is just as fragile as her state of mind; her well-being. She may be killed crossing the road just as her mind may wander back onto itself into the beguiling maze of psychiatric babble. The futile quest to uncover the mysteries of a mind with another mind, mindful that we don't know what a mind is.

This heightened time of hedonistic pleasure, wealth and luxury is a paradoxical, quixotic age. If you raise the bar then you have futher to fall. With so many possibilities it has become nigh on impossible to enjoy. Never has there been an age when it has been so abundantly clear that one life is not enough.